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Our Phase 1 Design services begin by gathering information on your project such as your concept, menu, square footage and proposed opening date. The next step is to get the interior dimensions of your space, and draw the existing wall plan. Once this information is confirmed, we begin the floor plan design. Starting in the back of your space, we will specify the proper pieces of equipment needed to support your menu items. Essential pieces of equipment for dry storage, refrigeration and food preparation are designed into the space first. The front and back service counters are then incorporated into the plan so that employees have adequate work space and the correct equipment to deliver orders quickly to the customers. Unlimited revisions to the initial floor plan will be made until the optimal design for your cafe is achieved. Specification sheets for each piece of equipment are then numbered according to the floor plan and compiled into a catalog. Finally, Design & Layout Services will provide you with a competitive price quotation on the equipment and cabinetry for your cafe which can be ordered in Phase 2.

Below you will find samples of the documents included in our Phase 1 design services along with corresponding photos. Every location is different and every concept is unique. Your floor plan design is based upon your specific menu and dimensions of your space.

Existing Wall Plan

Coffee Shop Existing Wall Plan

* Layout existing walls using measurements provided by the customer
* Show the different construction types and materials of existing walls
* Provide the dimensions for doors, windows, columns and restrooms
* Note all ceiling and window heights throughout the entire space
* Revise any discrepancies resulting from on-site field measurement

Cafe Start Up Space for Lease


Coffee Shop Floor Plan

* Design the floor plan based on your unique concept and menu
* Layout the kitchen, service counters, restrooms and seating areas
* Create a logical customer traffic flow emphasizing employee efficiency
* Discuss the purpose, features, benefits and options for the equipment 
* Continue to review / revise the floor plan until a final plan is approved

Espresso Bar Menu Board


Coffee Shop Equipment Specifications

* Number each specification sheet to correspond with the floor plan
* Provide information on model number, dimensions and utility needs
* Include descriptions of construction materials, options and accessories
* Note NSF/ETL/UL certifications for the health department plan review
* List the manufacturer’s warranty information and shipping weights

Real Wood Espresso Counter

Price Quotation

Coffee Shop Price Quotation

* Provide competitive pricing on equipment, cabinetry, tables and chairs
* List manufacturer, model number and description for the equipment 
* Match item numbers to the floor plan and equipment specifications
* Note options such as casters, voltages and door swing directions
* The quote does not include espresso machines, brewers or grinder

Cozy Seating Area Coffee Shop

Use your Phase 1 documents as tools to help you finalize your business plan, start speaking with local contractors and review with your health and building departments.

Once you receive your building permit and select a contractor, you will need to place orders for you equipment and cabinetry. You are ready for the next step:

Coffee Shop Design
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