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Our Phase 2 Supply services begin by ordering the food service equipment and custom cabinetry that was quoted in Phase 1. We are a fully authorized commercial kitchen equipment dealer and purchase directly from the manufacturers. This ensures that you receive competitive pricing on all your food service equipment. The cabinetry is designed specifically for your cafe and customized even further with the finish selections of your choice. Included with your order are many of the documents your contractor needs to accurately bid and construct your project. These detailed plans will show where new walls need to be built and the locations for floor drains, water lines and electrical outlets. The voltages, amp loads, and filtration needs are clearly specified for your plumber and electrician. Conceptual elevations for both the kitchen area and service counters are then created to help you visualize the project before it is actually built. Finally, we consolidate your entire equipment and cabinetry package into one shipment and deliver it to the job site when your contractor has completed the build-out and is ready for installation.

Design & Layout Services have successfully supplied cabinetry for customers throughout the country.

Your counters will be built to match the plans and elevations in Phase 1 and 2 with the materials and finishes that meet your unique design criteria.

We utilize the most current graphic design and drafting software available. This technology allows our drawings to be directly linked to our preferred vendors, who can immediately begin production.

Our streamlined process results in lower costs and shorter lead times.

Your custom cabinetry is fabricated in easy to install components that will accommodate equipment requirements for drop-in sinks, ice bins, cup dispensers, knock boxes and under counter refrigeration.



Design & Layout Services is an established food service equipment dealer and have been purchasing directly from our preferred manufacturers for over 25 years. We have extensive experience in the food service industry and are very knowledgeable regarding pertinent health department regulations. Pricing on refrigeration, sinks, display cases, ice machines and ovens is very competitive and can be ordered directly from the quote provided in Phase 1. All equipment is NSF, UL or ETL certified. Any warranty claims can be easily handled by the authorized service agency in your area. Design & Layout Services does not supply espresso machines, brewers or grinders.

Our Phase 2 services also include many of the documents your contractor needs to accurately bid and construct your project. Samples of these plans are depicted below.


Coffee Shop Penetration Plan

* Include drains, electrical and water lines that penetrate the floor 
* Dimension all utilities and drains for equipment from the adjacent walls
* Specify voltage, amps and filtration requirements for the equipment
* Locate the floor penetrations to avoid interference with the equipment
* Requirements for grease traps determined by your local inspector

Cafe Floor Drains

NEW Wall Plan

Coffee Shop New Wall Plan

* Layout new walls that need to be built based on the floor plan design
* Dimension new door and window locations throughout the space
* Furr out the exterior walls for new plumbing and electrical as needed
* Show the different general finishes for the floors, walls and ceilings
* Dimension where any floor surface transitions occur in the service area

Cafe Lighting in Customer Area


Coffee Shop Plumbing and Electrical

* Show the plumbing & electrical requirements on 8½” x 11” pages
* Provide dimensions from the center of equipment to the adjacent wall 
* Dimension the rough-in heights of electrical outlets and water lines
* Include voltage, amp load and phase requirements for the equipment
* Cross-reference equipment to the floor plan, quote and specification

Cafe Electrical Back Service Counter Rough Ins


Coffee Shop Elevations

* Include elevations for each wall of the kitchen and  the service counters
* Create kitchen elevations showing the shelving, sinks and refrigeration
* Show service counter elevations with the corresponding equipment
* Dimension all areas needing wall backing to support wall shelves
* Provide several section views of the standard cabinetry components

Cafe Smoothies and Coffee Counter

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