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Why Design & Layout Services?

Benefit from our experience as you begin the challenging process of opening a cafe or coffee shop. We can help you open on time, stay on budget and avoid costly build-out mistakes. Below are just a few examples of how our services can save you time and money. Design & Layout Services’ expertise is designing the employee areas of the cafe. These include the service counters, kitchen and storeroom. We believe that these areas are the most important parts of your cafe. Efficiently designed employee areas will result in added seating and retail displays in the customer areas. A well designed floor plan that is both functional and efficient is critical for your success as a new coffee retailer.

Plans designed prior to lease signing allows you to negotiate tenant improvements.

Spending money up front on design services to save on construction costs can be a huge benefit. Let's say that the space that you're interested in was previously an old retail outlet with a single employee restroom. In order for your new cafe to open, the city will more than likely require two handicap accessible restrooms. Do you want to fit the bill for the added construction costs only to leave behind the newly renovated restrooms when your lease is up? A well designed floor plan that you can bring to your landlord will give you leverage with such situations before you sign the lease.

Our experience expedites the design process to avoid paying rent prior to opening.

How much is one month's rent? Having helped open coffee shops, tea bars, juice bars, roaster retailers, and smoothie bars; many unique obstacles on various different projects had to be overcome. We will help you benefit from others mistakes by not making them your own. Design & Layout Services strives to learn something new on every project. We have worked throughout the entire country and overseas, giving us experience with many different city codes and regulations to ensure a streamlined design process. Our goal is to get you open sooner and within your budget.

Detailed plans result in more accurate contractor bids and lower construction costs.

Does that sink come standard with a faucet? Does this coffee brewer have a cord and plug? Is there wall backing anywhere? These are just some of the questions contractors will be asking, and without a knowledgeable answer, their bid will likely increase to cover unforeseen costs. Leaving the bidding process up to guesswork can lead to inflated estimates and large differences between contractors. Design & Layout Services will make sure the contractors know precisely what is required from them before they begin construction on your new coffee shop.

Complete documents that are easy to understand minimize change orders and mistakes.

All of the construction plans are printed to 1/4"=1'-0" scale. The elevations are printed 1/2"=1'-0". This allows for all dimensions and important notes to be clear on every document. There is adequate space to show all aspects of the cafe design and construction. Our proven system of detailing plumbing & electrical connections for every piece of food service equipment will ensure that all utilities will be accounted for.

Functional and efficient work spaces result in fewer employees and low labor costs.

If a coworker is constantly in your way because of a poorly designed plan, the results can be frustrating and deleterious to your cafe's bottom line. An efficient layout will allow each station in your new coffee shop to function independently from one another. If your barista is walking two extra steps to produce every drink item, that waste could equate to paying another employee over time. If the cafe layout allows you to function with two employees rather than three, or three rather than four; the labor savings will add up quickly.

Customers receiving faster service return to your cafe, thus increasing profits.

The customer traffic flow in your coffee shop is extremely important. Your customers need to be funneled to exactly where you want them to go without the need for them to think about it. Items with the longest lead times are stationed the furthest from the POS (Point of Sale.) This will allow for a constant flow, permitting additional customers to be served more quickly. If there is inadequate traffic flow, customers can get stalled in certain areas, creating a log jam effect. This in turn can give your coffee shop the appearance of being too busy to get service, therefore losing a potential customer wanting just a quick cup of coffee.

Efficient use of the kitchen and storeroom results in more tables in the seating area

Our philosophy is to design the "back of the house" first. These are the kitchen and service counter areas. When these components work together, they will translate a logical customer traffic flow. From here, the seating arrangements will be placed to avoid any traffic flow confusion. Your customers will know exactly where they need to go to get service, then move on to a comfortable chair. Wasted space in the kitchen will only take up more floor space for your tables and chairs.

Elevations of employee areas and service counters reduce your interior design fees.

In addition to the walls and flooring finishes, you will need to select colors for your cafe cabinetry and mill work. Our service counter elevations represent a front view of what customers will see, making it easy for you or your interior designer to select different finishes in certain areas.

As with any product, there are different manufactures and model variations to the same product. This can pose a problem when your equipment dealer substitutes an item on the plan with a different model. Does this new model have exactly the same voltage, amp load, overall dimensions, and ventilation requirements? Returned equipment items due to a miss-order will accumulate unneeded freight costs and restocking fees.

The floor plan design and equipment specified by one vendor results in less mistakes.

Dozens of testimonials

From Maine to Minnesota and Bahrain to Rwanda, our support is only a phone call away. Nearly 1,100 coffee shops in over fifteen years have opened with success, earning our reputation. We strive for customer satisfaction, and benefit from their returning patronage for help with future cafes.

Services are nationwide

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